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Based in Los Angeles and Switzerland, YangZoom Films LTD, GmbH, is both nationally and internationally active in development and production of theatrical movies, TV movies, series and documentaries.


The produced films have won various prestigeous national and international awards, including the UNESCO Enrico Fulchignoni award and the UNESCO Gandhi medal for „Born in Battle“ and various audience awards (Max Ophuehls Preis, Landshuter Short Film Festival, Black Maria Film Festival)


The Company is formed by the Director, Producer Yangzom Brauen and Producer Daniel Stanca-di Marco.



Yangzom Brauen is a Swiss-Tibetan actress, director, writer who studied at the University for Theater and Music in Berne, Switzerland. She directed and produced her first award winning feature film ‘Who Killed Johnny’ in 2013 with a theatrical release in Switzerland. She continues working as a director as well as a writer and actress. The short film “Ruprecht” won the audience award at the Short Film Long Night L.A. Film Festival in 2014. She wrote her bestselling book, a memoir about three generations of Tibetan women called “Across Many Mountains” published by St.Martins Press, in 2008. The book is translated into 11 languages. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Daniel Stanca is animated by a passion for business and the arts. Born and bred in Switzerland, he studied management and economics in Neuchâtel and earned an Executive MBA in Bern and Fribourg. He is a serial entrepreneur with several start-ups already under his belt. Daniel has never hesitated to hitch his love for the arts to his business acumen. He has thus worked as both an assistant producer and producer for international cultural foundations in the UK and Switzerland. And in 2002, he created Arte Libera (, an organization devoted to promoting children’s rights through artistic expression; he is currently the organization’s chairman and has served as executive producer for its productions. Daniel has also been the driving force behind a number of theater festivals in Switzerland and Italy.

Gerold Wunstel a German - U.S. citizen started out working in the TV & Film industry in Berlin, Germany, before he decided to move to San Francisco, CA.
For the last twelve years Gerold is living in Hollywood, still working as an actor, but now also pursuing a career as a screenwriter and producer. His latest projects include  “Who killed Johnny”  as well as the short film  “Ruprecht”  which he wrote and produced and which won several festival awards. “Born in Battle” is his third film he  co-produced.

Nathalie de la Iglesia was born and raised in Switzerland. She studied in Lausanne and got the Swiss certification of accountant in 2011. She has then set up her own business in financial services. In 2015, after two years of illness, she decided to dedicate some time through a Foundation to help women against breast cancer. She is also the financial manager of Arte Libera

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